Rejsebetingelser for Stigs Cykelrejser

General travel conditions.

Security deposit: When ordering the event/trip, you receive an email in which you are asked to transfer a deposit of € 330 per person. Registration is only valid and binding, when the amount is received by Stigs Cykelrejser. Payment of the deposit is considered by Stig’s Cykelrejser as the travel participants’ acceptance of these travel regulations. If the amount is not paid on time, Stigs Cykelrejser has the right to cancel the reservation. Changes, If an order has been placed with Stigs Cykelrejser and the travel participant has received a charge for this, Stigs Cykelrejser has the right to charge a fee of € 65 for any kind of change.

Stigs Cykelrejser reserves the right to make changes to the travel program without notice, including the use of other hotels and transport options. Changes do not entitle to compensation. Cancellation and no-show In case of cancellation, a cancellation fee of DKK €65 per person. If canceled later than 8 weeks before the departure date, 50% of the stay is lost.

In case of cancellation later than 6 weeks before the departure date, the travel participant is not entitled to a refund. If Stigs Cykelrejser needs to help with a plane ticket, the deposit will not be refunded if the trip is cancelled, regardless of when the trip is cancelled. No-show or late arrival at the destination without prior agreement with Stigs Cykelrejser is considered a cancellation.


Stig’s Cykelrejser reserves the right to cancel a trip up to 14 days before the departure date, if there is insufficient registration. The full price of the stay will then be refunded. If the passport, visa or vaccinations are not in order and valid, or the travel participant does not show up at the specified time and place at the start of the stay, the participant does not have the right to have the price of the stay refunded. Price changes Stig’s Cykelrejser has the right, under special circumstances, to increase the already agreed price, including: e.g. by increased taxes, fees, oil price increases or changed exchange rates.

Disclaimer and force majeure.

Stig’s Cykelrejser disclaims any responsibility for delays in connection with flights and the transport of bicycles. If force majeure occurs, including war, danger of war, civil unrest, strike, lockout, natural disasters, epidemics/pandemics, etc., which prevents a planned stay, Stigs cycling journeys reserves the right to claim already incurred expenses covered by the travel participants. If such conditions occur during a stay that has begun, the participant must cover the expenses already incurred, as well as expenses for stay, transport home etc.

Complaint Possibly.

Complaints during a trip must be made immediately to Stigs Cykelrejser’s staff during the stay. Complaints must be made in writing immediately after returning home and must be received by Stig’s Cykelrejser no later than 7 days, after returning home.

Complaints must be addressed to:  Stig’s Cykelrejser – Almeengen 10 – 2740 Skovlunde.

Baggage responsibility It is the travel participant’s own responsibility that the luggage comes with them on the trip. Possibly. Damaged luggage and bicycle will not be replaced. Reference is made to the travel participant’s own insurance company. REMEMBER TO CHECK THIS BEFORE DEPARTING. Travel insurance Cancellation insurance or travel insurance is not included in the price of the trip. The travel participant must be responsible for this himself.


Bicycle transport autumn.

The bicycles must be delivered without pedals and they will be placed/packed with blankets between each individual bicycle. Many have put foam tubes on their bikes to protect against scratches, which is recommended. Should it happen that a bicycle is damaged on the journey, it is the travel participant’s own  insurance that must cover.


Theft of the bicycle (from the van, hotels, etc.) must also be covered by the travel participant’s own insurance.

Conditions for bicycle insurance.

When renting a bicycle we recommend that you secure yourself by having bicycle insurance, while renting a bicycle. The price for a week, 7 rental days, is DKK 115. From Sunday morning to Saturday evening.

Included in the insurance: All normal damage to the bicycle is covered 100% during the rental period. Such as: wheels, saddle, handlebars, brakes and crankset. Included in the insurance is also damage to the frame and front fork, during the rental period. (However, not due to careless behavior, throwing, standing or throwing) therefore paint damage is not covered. You must treat the bike as if it were your own bike.

Theft of the bicycle and loose parts are not covered, e.g. saddle bag and cycle computer, (check your own insurance) If theft is to be covered by your own insurance, there must be a police report. Theft of the bike will be charged and you will get the original invoice. We do not invoice working time in connection with the repair of damages. If insurance is not taken out with us If you choose not to take out bicycle insurance through Stigs Cykelrejser, we will replace damaged parts and then send the individual user a receipt from our repair